About Us

Our staff members are experienced in the Medical Diagnostics industry and are more than willing to assist you with any request.

We aim to have one of our medical devices in every household in Sub Saharan Africa and eventually to build a global community of “Healthy Homes”.

  • Join our thriving network
  • Monitor patients more frequently enabling earlier intervention
  • Ensuring happy patients

IVC Diagnostics is proud to be a part of the BIC Solutions (Pty) Ltd Group structure, this gives our clients access to turnkey medical solutions, tailored to suit their business or personal needs.

By combining Medical Diagnostics and software, IVC Diagnostics has built sustainable solutions that enable our network of Healthcare Professionals who use it on a daily basis to grow their businesses and in turn, help their communities thrive.

Our philosophy

Point of Care Testing (POCT) makes it possible to screen, diagnose and initiate treatment during one consultation. In a primary healthcare environment, it enables healthcare practitioners to initiate treatment of acute conditions, reducing the risk of complications. POCT is invaluable in the monitoring of chronic conditions, increasing compliance of the patients and reducing complications and possible hospitalisation.

“Our aim is to make POCT available to everyone and increase its adoption by the medical community."

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